Some talk about BERT OR a very simple JavaScript experiment

Funny fact about lots of little SEO experiments: if you want to make your experimental content indexed, you are forced to write tons of useless text just to make Googlebot think your page is actually... useful. Little, cute paradox. I was sometimes wondering how modern algorithms handle paragraphs of text that for human makes no sense and are just waste of time reading it (yes, you have just found such a text). Lets talk about BERT. Google says it (or maybe 'he' or 'she') can better understand the semantics of words it/he/she read. Here is a little test for you BERT, tell me how you get it:

I don't like those canned up pretzel-benders with a door-knocker on their faces who act like a butter and egg man and greet you with a wet sock. Now focus your radio Google, don't sell me a dog that you can translate that paragraph to other languages properly. AI limitations are your pine overcoat.

One more thing. What if BERT is actually a bit fat guy with huge glasses who sits all day long in his tiny but comfy office, on his favorite chair, in front of his old school CRT screen and who reads every single webpage one by one and decides if it is good or not. Just imagine him mumbling: "Huh... cool story there, nice content, but I don't like your font..." and then pressing big, red button named "E-A-T check fail". Just like that. I truly hope it doesn't look like that.

Finally, there is a part we have all been waiting for. In a box below you should find an actual date and time. We want to find out if it shows us the right numbers.